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Volume 1    preliminary    chapter 1    chapter 1.5    chapter 2    chapter 2.5    chapter 3    chapter 3.5

Volume 2    chapter 4    chapter 4.5    chapter 5    chapter 5.5    chapter 6     chapter 6.5


Preliminary Chapter

  1. Greetings

Vocabulary     Dialogue         Variant (other voices)

  1. Deference in Korean Culture

  2. In the Classroom    p.5    p.6    Variant (repeated twice)    Variant (varied content)

  3. Hangul (Korean Alphabet)   

Simple Vowels            Complex Vowels        More vowel practice

Simple Consonants (C+a)        Aspirated & Tense Consonants

Words borrowed from English (p. 27)

  1. Pronunciation Guides

    Peculiarities of individual Korean sounds

    1. Vowels    Variant    2. Cons. identity    Variant    3. Cons. aspiration    Variant

    4. s VS. ss (1)    s VS. ss (2)    Variant        5. m~b, n~d    "what"

    6. Initial, between-vowel L  VS. Final L    Variant   

    7. One or two?


    Pronunciation rules

    1. Seven representatives    Variant    2. Spill-over    Variant

    3. Syllables ending in CC    Variant    4. Tensed out    Variant

    5. Weak H    Variant    6. H-combo    Variant

    7. Assimilation to K    Variant    8. L-strong    Variant

    9. Strong nose (partial)    Variant (partial)   10. Weird    Variant

    11. Combined    Variant    12. Simplicity    13. UI!    Variant

    Peculiarities of Korean spelling

    1. Spelling conventions    2. Spacing between words    3. Compounds

  2. Useful Expressions    Variant

  3. Numbers

1. Sino-Korean Numbers (1-10)    Variant        Sino-Korean Numbers    Variant

2. Native Korean Numbers    Variant (1-10)        Variant (11-100,000,000)

  1. Days & Months

  2. Nationalities


Voc var. = vocabulary read by another voice            Dialogue = Lesson dialogue

D = "Checkpoint Dialogue"                                        R = "Checkpoint Reading"

Variant = lesson dialogue read by other voices        Dialogue var. = dialogue read by other voices


Chapter 1

Preliminary Dialogue


Variant (varied content, relatively fast)      Variant (varied content, to be repeated)

Variant (varied content, slower)                        Variant (varied content, very fast)

Lesson 1    Vocabulary    Dialogue    Var.       D1    D2

Lesson 2    Vocabulary    Dialogue    Var.       D1    D2    D3    R1    R2

Lesson 3    Vocabulary    Dialogue    Var.       D1    D2

Lesson 4    Vocabulary    Dialogue    Var.       Var.       D1    D2    R1    R2


Chapter 1.5

      What day is it today?

        What time is it?


Chapter 2

Preliminary dialogue


Variant (varied content, relatively fast)       Variant (varied content, to be repeated)

Variant (varied content, slower)                       Variant (varied content, very fast)

Lesson 5    Vocabulary    Voc var.   Dialogue    Var.      D1    D2

Lesson 6    Vocabulary    Voc var.   Voc Ex 1 (p. 140)    Dialogue    Var.      D1    D2    R1    R2

Lesson 7    Vocabulary    Frequency Adv. (not complete)    Dialogue    Var.    D1    D2

Lesson 8    Vocabulary    Major/class    var.     Dialogue    Var.   

                                     Ex 5 (p. 161)    D1    D2    R1    R2


Chapter 2.5

        My family (In the box)

        My family (Supplementary)

        Dialogue on family


Chapter 3

Preliminary dialogue


Variant (varied content, relatively fast)        Variant (varied content, to be repeated)

Variant (varied content, slower)                    Variant (varied content, very fast)

Lesson 9          Vocabulary    Dialogue    Var.    More verbs! (p. 178)    D1    D2

Lesson 10        Vocabulary    Dialogue    Var.    Var.    Ex 2 (p. 197)    D1    D2    Songs

Lesson 11        Vocabulary    Dialogue    Var.    Ex 2 (p. 214)    Ex 3 (p. 214)    Ex 4 (p. 215)    D1    D2   R1    R2

Lesson 12        Vocabulary    Dialogue    Var.    Ex 4 (p. 232)    Ex 9 (p. 234)  D1    D2   R1    R2


Chapter 3.5


        Counter exercises

        More counters

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Chapter 4

Preliminary dialogue


Lesson 13       Vocabulary    Dialogue    Var.    Var.   Ex 2 (p. 13)    D1    D2    Songs

Lesson 14       Vocabulary    Dialogue    Var.    Var.   D1    D2    D3    R1    R2    Songs

Lesson 15       Vocabulary    Dialogue    Var.    D1    D2    Songs

Lesson 16       Vocabulary    Dialogue    Var.    Ex 11 (p. 69)    Ex 16 (p. 71)   

                                          D1    D2    R1    R2    Songs


Chapter 4.5

        What is your favorite color?           


Chapter 5

Preliminary dialogue


Lesson 17        Vocabulary    Dialogue    Var.      D1    D2    Idioms! (p. 84)    Song (p. 85)

Lesson 18        Vocabulary    Dialogue    Var.      Future! (p. 107)   

                                           Ex 8 (p. 114)    Ex 11 (p. 115)    Ex 12 (p. 116)   

                                           D1    D2    R1    R2    Song

Lesson 19        Vocabulary    Dialogue    Var.      Song (p.128)    Ex 9 (p. 132)    Ex 10 (p. 133) 

                                           D1    D2    Power! (p. 135)

Lesson 20        Vocabulary    Dialogue    Var.      Ex 12  (p.147)  Ex 13 (p.148)  

                                           D1    D2    R1    R2    Names! (p.151)    Song


Chapter 5.5

   b-irregulars (p. 154)

    b-irregulars (p. 155)

    b-restaurant (p. 156)


Chapter 6

 Preliminary dialogue


Lesson 21        Vocabulary    Dialogue    Variant    D1    D2

Lesson 22        Vocabulary    Dialogue    Variant    D1    D2    R    Becomes! (p.189)

Lesson 23        Vocabulary    Dialogue    Variant    Ex 8 (p.203)    Combination! (p.204)    D1    D2

Lesson 24        Vocabulary    Dialogue    Variant    Song1(p.209)    Song2(p.209)    

                       Number of days! (p.215)    At that time! (p.215)    Future! (p.217)   R1    R2    Song3 (p.223)


Chapter 6.5

       What is your sign?


A Taste of Second-Year

       D1    D2    D3    D4    R          

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Volume 1      Preliminary    Ch 1    Ch 1.5    Ch 2    Ch 2.5    Ch 3    Ch 3.5

Volume 2      Ch 4    Ch 4.5    Ch 5    Ch 5.5    Ch 6    Ch 6.5


WB Preliminary Chapter

  1. Greetings

  2. Deference in Korean Culture

  3. Classroom Expressions (p.25)

  4. Hangul (Korean Alphabet)    p.25

  5. Pronunciation Guides    Consonant-vowel syllable (p.26)     Spill-over (p.26)

  6. Useful Expressions    p.26

  7. Numbers (p.26)

  8. Days and Months (p.27)

  9. Nationalities


WB Chapter 1    What's that?

Atasha's phone number (p.26 ex.1 dialogue 1)

Richard, what's that (that you've got)? (p.26 ex.1 dialogue 2)    Variant

I am a Chinese teacher. (p.27 ex.2)

Korean classroom (p.27 ex.3)

Questions (p.27 ex.4)


WB Chapter 1.5


WB Chapter 2    What are you doing?

Youngsoo's day (p.84 ex.1)

My Day (p.84 ex.2)

Michael's college life (p.85 ex.3)


WB Chapter 2.5


WB Chapter 3    Sunday is O.K.

My house is big and pretty. (p.123 ex.1)

My family life (p.124 ex.2)

Last Weekend (p.124 ex.3)


WB Chapter 3.5


WB Chapter 4     What do you wanna eat?

Tomorrow mom's birthday. (p.42 ex.1)

I like Korean food. (p.42 ex.2)

I'm hungry, and it's hot! (p.43 ex.3)


WB Chapter 4.5


WB Chapter 5     It's cold -- May I close the door?

My sister is very tall. (p.88 ex.1)

Paul is American. (p.88 ex.2)

I don't have a boyfriend now, but I would like to meet one like this. (p.89 ex.3)

My family (p.89 ex.4)


WB Chapter 5.5


WB Chapter 6    You gotta get a good rest.

Where are you going?  To play tennis. (p.140 ex.1)

Winter in Seattle (p.140 ex.2)

Sorry I wasn't able to go to class. (p.141 ex.3)

My summer vacation (p.141 ex.4)


WB Chapter 6.5

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Acknowledgment: Many thanks go to Jee-Hun Kim, Il-Won Park, Bong-Gi Hong, Daniel Hong, Emily Curtis, Haewon Cho, Taeyoun Ahn, Dong wook Sohn, and the musical group "SunPeople" for willingly offering their time and beautiful voices!