Beginner Books

한국말하시네요! You Speak Korean! can be used as a textbook:

  • in non-heritage college classes (for speakers of English)
  • in heritage classes (speakers with home Korean background)
  • in community-based classes
  • for self-studying individuals

Features of the You Speak Korean! series

  • Team of experienced language teachers as authors, who have extensive background in Linguistics and language-learning
  • Classroom testing for years in one of the nation's largest Korean programs, with heritage and non-heritage students
  • Comprehensive glossaries, both English-to-Korean and Korean-to-English
  • Fun and enlightening culture points and language points
  • Catchy mnemonic tips and examples to demonstrate semantic nuance
  • Full-color illustrations to limit "translation" and encourage conceptualization
  • Witty and natural dialogues and cultural notes relevant to modern student life

Vocabulary lessons

  • Useful and fun vocabulary sets introduced thematically
  • Build fluency on various everyday topics
  • Vocabulary exercises for every vocabulary list

Grammar lessons

  • focus on common Korean verb forms and expressions
  • explanations are concise but thorough
  • right and wrong example sentences for grammar points
  • grammar exercises build in complexity and integrate previous grammar and vocabulary
  • exercises emphasize 1-on-1 communication and context for grammar and vocabulary usage
  • reading comprehension offers review and expanded context for chapter grammar and vocabulary
  • workbook, listening exercises, even songs all contribute to make this series a complete, fun course!
Introductory Korean Textbooks

You Speak Korean! Volume I

Sample Pages

Table of Contents


You Speak Korean! Volume II

Sample Pages

Table of Contents


Accompanying Workbooks

Workbook to Accompany You Speak Korean! Volume I

Sample Pages



Workbook to Accompany You Speak Korean! Volume II

Sample Pages



Korean Verb Conjugation at a Glance
Enlarge Front

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A sturdy, laminated card (8.5" x 11") that summarizes the regular and irregular patterns of Korean verb conjugation with various types of endings and suffixes.